Huang Qi Essential Oil - 5ml

Huang Qi Essential Oil - 5ml

Huang Qi Essential Oil - 5ml

Brand Alchemica Botanica TCM Essential Oils
Unit Size 5ml
English name Astragali Radix
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CO2 Extracted Huang Qi - Astragali Radix

The rich aroma of this CO2 extracted Huang Qi essential oil is earthy and sweet. Its effect is literally mouth watering. It opens the throat and ascends to the head with an expansive, fortifying feeling.

Huang Qi is a powerful tonic. It tonifies the Righteous Qi, raises up the Yang Qi, and fortifies the Wei Defensive Qi. It is beneficial either as a restorative for people dealing from conditions that have severely weakened the body or as a preventative for those with chronic, recurring illness due to Qi deficiency.

Spleen Qi and Yang are fortified by Astragalus. Spleen Qi deficiency may cause loss of normal digestion and absorption leading to fatigue, weakness of the extremities, poor appetite, diarrhea, etc. Sinking of the spleen Yang may also lead to prolapses.

Huang Qi supports the Lung. It is s beneficial for the immune system and boosts the Wei Defensive Qi to assist those who experiences frequent bacterial or viral infections, colds, respiratory illnesses, or seasonal allergies for example or when there is spontaneous or profuse sweating with fatigue.

For Qi and Blood deficiency after protracted illness or bleeding blend Huang Qi with Dang Gui (Angelica sinensis). To regulate bleeding due to deficiency consider blending with Wu Wei Zi (Schisandra) applied to acupoints which support the Spleens function of keeping the Blood within the vessels such as Spleen1. 

As a benefit for cancer patients with Qi deficiency caused by the after effects of chemotherapy and radiation, one drop of Huang Qi added to one gram of our nutritional Ling Zhi (Ganoderma) spore oil three times per day is recommended according to the practitioner’s discretion.

One of Radix Astragalus’ major chemical components, Lupenone, has been extensively studied and found to provide anti inflammatory, anti virus, anti diabetes and anti cancer benefits.

Another, Lanosterol is one of a group of Triterpenoid saponins which have recently become increasingly significant in the treatment of cancer.

Note: Base
TCM Category: Tonifying Qi
Channels entered: Lung and Spleen
Major Known Chemical Constituents: Triterpenes, Lupenone triterpene, Lanosterol, γ-Sitosterol, Theophylline, Linoleic Acid Methyl Ester,  Eucalyptol, Linalool

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