Hsiang Sha Yang Wei Pien (Packaged 6/14)

Hsiang Sha Yang Wei Pien (Packaged 6/14)

Hsiang Sha Yang Wei Pien (Packaged 6/14)

Brand Great Wall Brand
Unit Size 60 tablets
Dosage Take 4 tablets twice a day.
Contraindications Pregnancy
Chinese Symptomology poor appetite, abdominal distention, accumulation of phlegm and food matter, nausea, acid regurgitation, borborygmus, loose stools - Fratkin
Western Symptomology chronic gastritis, duodenal ulcer, chronic hepatitis - Fratkin
Actions Dispels damp, transforms phlegm, harmonizes the stomach, counters ascent of stomach qi, tonifies spleen qi, soothes the Liver, promotes digestion, stops vomiting - Fratkin
Pattern Accumulation of damp with qi stagnation - Fratkin
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Description Use for chronic digestive complaints* - Fratkin

Active Ingredients:

Codonopsis Root,

Atractylodes Rhizome,

Tangerine Peel,

Massa Fermentata,

Round Cardamon Fruit,

Barley Malt,

Cardamon Fruit and Seed,

Chinese Licorice Root.

Inactive Ingredients:  Water and Starch.

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