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Hot Skin Soother, Tube

Hot Skin Soother, Tube

Hot Skin Soother, Tube

Brand Emily Skin Soothers
Unit Size 2.1 oz. tube
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Our Hot Skin Soother is designed to be soothing for all types of red, hot skin issues. Think of it to soothe hot, tired muscles, sweat rashes, heat rashes and issues in skin folds, armpit, groin, elbow and knee creases. It is unscented and made of just six natural ingredients: organic sunflower oil, beeswax, frankincense, red peony root, dictamnus root and phellodendron amurense bark.

These tubes contain the same great balm, just in different packaging. They are a little over 15% bigger than our standard 1.8 oz jars. They are also easy to carry, in a pocket, diaper bag or purse. The tube allows you to easily apply a thin layer of our skin soothing balms without dipping your fingers into the jar. Easy and convenient!


What's in it? Six simple ingredients: • Organic Sunflower Oil: chock full of Vitamin E, it soothes dry skin • Beeswax: a natural barrier that is both protective and antiseptic • Frankincense and Red Peony: This pair of herbs has been traditionally used to promote circulation and is said to "generate flesh" in Chinese herbology. The pair is also slightly analgesic so they may diminish discomfort of irritated skin. Peony also demonstrates an inhibitory action against some bacteria.  • Dictamnus Root Bark and Phellodendron Bark: These two herbs are categorized as bitter and cold and are used traditionally for extreme heat signs, 'damp-heat'. They are often used for sores, rashes, eczema and demonstrate antifungal and antimicrobial effects. 

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