Gou Qi Zi Nutritional Oil - 100ml

Gou Qi Zi Nutritional Oil - 100ml

Gou Qi Zi Nutritional Oil - 100ml

Brand Alchemica Botanica TCM Essential Oils
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CO2 extracted Lycium barbarum  (Fructus Lycii)

Gou Qi Zi essential oil with its mild, fruity, nutty aroma and taste is gentle enough to apply neat. It can be used either as an essential oil, or as a carrier oil for blends. It may be ingested daily as a restorative tonic for issues commonly related to aging, depletion due to chronic illness or recovery after an acute illness that has depleted the body fluids, yin essences or blood.

GOU QI ZI is one of the rare substances that is able to nourish Jing essence and build up a weakened constitution. It supplements the Liver Blood and Kidney Yin.

Benefiting the eyes is one of Gou Qi Zi’s main functions. The Liver opens to the eyes and Liver Yin along with the circulation of Liver Blood is essential to provide the fluids and that maintain eye health and vision.

Taken as a nutritional supplement 1/3 teaspoon once or twice per day.

To benefit the eyes Gou Qi Zi may be combined either as one of the essential oils or as the carrier oil in a blend with other essential oils such as Ju Hua (Chrysanthemum) Ho Luo Bo Zi (Carrot seed) and Man Jing Zi (Vitex) for application on acupuncture points.

NOTE: Base

TCM CATEGORY: Tonifying Blood

CHANNELS ENTER: Liver, Lung Kidney

MAJOR CHEMICAL CONSTITUENTS: Phenylpropanoids: Hexadecanoic acid, linoleic acid, cinnamic acid, ferrulic acid, myristic acid. Sesquiterpene: Elemene. Coumarins: Lycibaracoumarin. Ester: Ethyl hexadecanoate

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