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Fem-Silver (was Femopause), 1 oz. (expires 11-30-2020)

Fem-Silver (was Femopause), 1 oz. (expires 11-30-2020)

Fem-Silver (was Femopause), 1 oz. (expires 11-30-2020)

Brand Vitality Works
Unit Size 1 oz dropper bottle
Dosage 30-60 drops, 2-3 times daily. Use for at least one month on a daily basis. Best effects are seen with 3 months continued use.
Properties Estrogenic; Progesterone increasing; Cooling; Calming
Contraindications Pregnancy, Nursing, Estrogen sensitive cancers
Chinese Symptomology Hot flashes;Mood swings;Irregular menstruation
Western Symptomology Menopause
English name Fem-Silver, 1oz
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Fem-Silver is indicated for menopausal symptoms. It will maximize the use of residual estrogen and progesterone and calm down the pituitary's desire for leutinizing hormone.


Wild Yam Root (ethically wildcrafted); Dang Gui Root; Chaste Tree Berries (ethically wildcrafted); Black Cohosh Root (ethically wildcrafted); Milk Thistle Seed (certified organic); Motherwort Leaf (ethically wildcrafted); Fresh Lobelia Herb (certified organic); Grain Alcohol; Deionized Water; Herb Strength Ratio: 1:2.7

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