Eco Omega (expires 6/20)

Eco Omega (expires 6/20)

Eco Omega (expires 6/20)

Brand Lane Labs
Unit Size 150 SoftGels per Bottle
Dosage Swallow or chew 3-5 pearls once daily with a meal
English name Eco Omega
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It seems that most every health expert recommends taking fish oil. Omega 3 fish oils have become very popular, so popular in fact that concerns are being raised about the survival of certain fish species. Introducing EcoOmega: SUSTAINABLE Marine Oil Pearls Eco Omega contains sustainable food grade Calamari oil. Calamari is naturally high in DHA and has a higher concentration of DHA than best-selling Omega-3 fish Oil. Nearly 60% of the Omega 3 in Eco Omega is DHA. Eco Omega Marine Oil is a very pure, clean and effective source of DHA and EPA. Certified Sustainable by Friend of the Sea In 1987, the WCED commission of the United Nations defined sustainable development as "development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs." In 2006, a non-profit organization called "Friend of the Sea" began to audit and certify companies that fish or farm fish for sustainablilty. Certified companies must adhere to strict sustainable activities. In 2010, the calamari oil in Eco Omega was certified as sustainable by Friend of the Sea. Calamari (squid) is very different from other Omega 3 marine sources (tuna, cod, anchovy, or krill). Reproductive age and lifespan are keys for population sustainablility. Squid reach reproduction age quickly and die after spawning, typically in less than 450 days. In contrast, the lifespan or reproductive age of yellow fin tuna, cod, anchovy and krill can be measured in years, and even decades. Long lifespan and slow reproduction, combined with aggressive fishing, can jeopardize the populations of certain species over time. Calamari is naturally more sustainable. To further ensure sustainablilty, the Eco Omega oil is pressed from the trimmings of calamari already caught for food. Calamari is not caught stricktly for its oil. And Eco Omega calamari fishing methods are environmentally sensitive. There is little "by-catch" of other marine animals. Why You Need Omega 3 Every Day. Omega 3 cannot be made by the body. You must get it from food or supplements. Omega 3 is highly concentrated the brain, heart, eyes and nervous system. Two key types of Omega 3 fatty acids are EPA and, especially, DHA. A serving of Eco Omega contains 250 mg of DHA and 125 mg of EPA. Traditional fish oils have much more EPA than DHA. In 2008, the Point Institute of Nutritional Health rated DHA more important than EPA for twice as many health conditions. These included general well-being, cadiovascular and eye health and brain acuity.* A Pearl Sized Softgel. and More. Forget oversized Omega 3 capsules. Eco Omega comes in a tiny soft-gel pearl. You can chew or easily swallow the pearls whole - up to 5 at a time. Virtually Free of Lead and Mercury. Calamari live fast and die youg - their entire life cycle takes just one year, much shorter than fish such as cod or salmon which can live up to 20 years. The lifespan of calamari lessens their exposure to lead, mercury and other ocean pollutants found in other fish. Eco Omega is virtually free of lead and mercury (no more than .0001 mg of either per serving) or other contaminants. A hint of natural fruit flavor in Eco Omega will freshen your mouth when the pearls are chewed. Take 3-5 pearls once daily with a meal. *


Ingredients List: A serving = 5 chewable Pearls Omega3 Fatty Acids: 425mg EPA: 125mg DHA: 250mg Highly Purified Omega-3 Oil from Calamari, Capsule Shell (gelatin, glycerin, purified water), Natural Orange/Berry Flavor, Proprietary Antioxidant Blend (consisting of rosemary extract, ascorbyl palmitate and natural tocoherols (soy))

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