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Du Huo Ji Sheng Tang Granules, 100g (expires 11-30-2020)

Du Huo Ji Sheng Tang Granules, 100g (expires 11-30-2020)

Du Huo Ji Sheng Tang Granules, 100g (expires 11-30-2020)

Brand BioEssence Granules
Unit Size 100 grams
Dosage 3 grams/3xdaily
Potency 5:1
Contraindications It is not for a person who has acute arthritis and rheumatism
Pattern Wind, Dampness, Kidney yang deficiency, Qi and Blood deficiency.
Tongue Usually light color with a white coating
Pulse Usually weak
Chinese name Du Huo Ji Sheng Tang Granules
English name Tuhuo & Vaeicum Combination Granules

This formula dispels Wind Cold and Dampness, tonifies the Liver and Kidney. It removes obstruction in Qi and Blood circulation to relieve pain, and it invigorates Qi and nourishes the Blood.


Angelica Pubescens Radix (Du Huo) 10.3%; Loranthus Ramulus (Sang Ji Sheng) 6.9%; Gentiana Radix (Qin Jiao) 6.9%; Siler Radix (Fang Feng) 6.9%; Angelica Sinensis Radix (Dang Gui) 6.9%; Paeonia Radix (Bai Shao) 6.9%; Ligusticum Rhizoma (Chuan Xiong) 6.9%; Rehmannia Radix - Prepared (Shu Di Huang) 6.9%; Eucommia Cortex (Du Zhong) 6.9%; Achyranthes Radix (Huai Niu Xi) 6.9%; Panax Ginseng - Red (Ren Shen) 6.9%; Poria Cocos (Fu Ling) 6.9%; Glycyrrhiza Radix (Gan Cao) 6.9%;; Cinnamomum Cortex - Older (Gui Xin) 6.9%

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