Ding Xiang - Caryophylli Flos (Clove), 5ml

Ding Xiang - Caryophylli Flos (Clove), 5ml

Ding Xiang - Caryophylli Flos (Clove), 5ml

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CO2 extracted Eugenia caryophyllata, Caryophylli flos, Clove
“Spike Fragrance”

The Chinese character for “Ding” 丁 is the symbol of the Fourth Heavenly Stem and is associated with Fire, the South direction, the Heart and is characterized by a Red Bird. Ding Xiang lives up to its name. The clove flower bud is red in color and its essential oil is pure Yang, hot and spicy in nature. Its strong aroma is imbued with the delicious fragrance of true clove spice, warming and enlivening. It awakens the appetite for food and for life.

As an essential oil, Ding Xiang’s spicy heat can be irritating to he skin and should be diluted to 1%-2% (test as a 1% dilution first)

Eugenia caryophyllata grows wild in Guangdong and Hainan provinces of China. Its flower bud, Ding Xiang is collected during the period from September to March when the buds turn from green to red.

Ding Xiang warms the Yang of the Kidney and Spleen and can be a helpful addition in blends to address signs of cold deficiency of the lower and middle Jiao such as fatigue, poor appetite and digestion, weak sore low back and knees, cold extremities, memory loss, loose stools, frequent urination, impotence, clear vaginal discharge, etc.

Clove warms the center and directs rebellious Stomach Qi downward. It is often used when cold has affected the normal functioning of the spleen and stomach causing symptoms such as vomiting, hiccough, abdominal pain, or diarrhea. Consider blending with Bi Cheng Qie (Litsea), and Mu Xiang (Saussurea) essential oils.

For signs of Cold and deficiency of Spleen and stomach, combine Ding Xiang essential oil with oils of Dang Shen (Codonopsis) and Gan Jiang (Zingberis).

Ding Xiang has anti fungal properties and can be diluted (2%) and applied topically on the affected area.

A 1% dilution may be applied to gums and teeth for toothaches.

TCM Category: Warming the Interior and Expelling Cold

Channel entered: Kidney ,Spleen, Stomach

Note: Top

Major Chemical components: Phenols (eugenol 60-90%, ), Esters (20-25%), Caryophyllene (10%, which has been found to have anti tumor and anti-histamine effects.)

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