Dang Gui Liu Huang Tang Granules, 100g

Dang Gui Liu Huang Tang Granules, 100g

Dang Gui Liu Huang Tang Granules, 100g

Brand Min Tong Granules - Formulas
Contraindications This formula should be used with caution and in modified form, if at all, in cases with Spleen and Stomach deficiency.
Chinese Symptomology Night sweats; red face; dry mouth; .parched lips; fever; vexation; dry stools; urine dark and scanty;irritability;Lung consumption;Steaming bone disorder;Aftermath of a febrile disease;Chronic nosebleeds
Western Symptomology Night Sweats; Tuberculosis;Hepatitis;Silicosis;Hyperthyroidism;Myocarditis;Chronic bronchitis;Cholecystitis;Nephritis; Urinary tract infection;Neurasthenia
Actions Tonifies the Qi, Blood and Yin; Clears fire; consolidates the Exterior defensive system; decreases spontaneous sweating.
Pattern Deficient in Yin and Blood but has upflaring of Fire
Tongue Usually dark red and dry
Pulse Usually rapid
Chinese name Dang Gui Liu Huang Tang Capsules
English name Tang-Kuei & Six Yellow Combination
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This formula is very effective for treating night sweats with fire from deficiency yin. Its actions in nourishing the yin and draining fire are rather strong, and it is therefore best used in cases where the middle qi has not been injured. * (Chinese Herbal Medicine Formulas and Strategies)


Astragalus Radix (Huang Qi) 22.72% Angelica Sinensis Radix (Dang Gui) 13.64% Rehmannia Radix - Raw (Sheng Di Huang) 13.64% Rehmannia Radix - Prepared (Shu Di Huang) 13.64% Scutellaria Radix (Huang Qin) 13.64% Phellodendron Cortex (Huang Bai) 13.64% Coptis Rhizoma (Huang Lian) 9.08%

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