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Clinical Ocular Care

Clinical Ocular Care

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Age related declines in vision are quite common. Changes in the function and structure of eyes with advanced age may cause a common condition called “presbyopia”. This is a condition that is characterized by short- or long-sightedness. Other common causes of loss of vision include glaucoma (excess pressure in the eyeball), cataracts, diabetes mellitus and age-related macular degeneration (AMD). There are thirteen million adults in the US with AMD. Serious or significant ocular disease is best managed by eye care specialists (ophthalmologists, with the complementary care of optometrists).

There are two types of AMD, one called “dry” and one called “wet.” The dry form of AMD is by far the more common of the two and accounts for about nine out of ten of all cases of AMD. This disorder is caused to a major degree by oxidative tissue damage and poor circulation in the special light-sensing area of the back of the eye (retina), called the macula. In dry AMD, spots of damaged tissue accumulate below the macula
and cause distorted vision by damaging special cells that receive and process light. Oxidative damage also plays a major role in the progression of cataracts and diabetes mellitus. AMD is a serious disease.

Any approach to visual health must involve positive lifestyle change. The use of nutritional supplements to support the structure and function of the eyes has also become a very popular method of maintaining ocular health. Many supplements used for eye care are incomplete in their content of health giving nutrient compounds. Clinical Ocular Care™ contains a comprehensive array of nutrients and botanicals that have major antioxidant functions with examples of specific actions on eye health: Beta carotene, Spinach leaves, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Bilberry fruit, Copper, Lycopene, Selenium, Zeaxanthin.

Each of the natural substances contained in Clinical Ocular Care™ has a reasonable evidence base for the nutritional support of eye structure and function. There are many reports of the benefit of antioxidants for ocular health in the scientific literature.


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