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Clinical Guideline to Medical Cases by Ye Tianshi

Clinical Guideline to Medical Cases by Ye Tianshi

Clinical Guideline to Medical Cases by Ye Tianshi

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While Yè Tiānshì is famous for his development of wēn bìng theory and four levels theory, in his time he was known as a skilled physician and the doctor who people with complex problems went to. To develop his theories, Yè drew extensively from his understanding of the Shāng Hán Lùn (Treatise on Cold Damage), extraordinary vessel theory, knowledge of the pulse, and a sophisticated understanding of medicinals. Because of his busy practice, Yè didn’t have time to write books, but after he died his students gathered up his clinical cases, categorized them, and published them in this book containing ten volumes. Presented here is volume 1 of the larger text, and this contains sections on wind stroke, liver wind, dizziness, head wind, and taxation. All told, in this first volume are 204 clinical cases, some of which are quite complicated with repeated visits documented and adjustments to medicinals or diagnostic theories as the case progressed. Additionally this text contains commentary by famous scholar-physician Xú Dàchūn who was a contemporary of Yè Tiānshì. Clinical Guideline to Medical Cases has long been considered one of the essential texts to study for all East Asian Medicine clinicians, therefore we are happy to share it with you.

Number of Pages: 328
Dimensions: 6 X 9 X 0.6811
ISBN 978-0-9906029-7-2
Language Chinese, English
Author Yè Tiānshì 葉天士
Translator Jerome Jiang, edited by Lorraine Wilcox
Dynasty Qīng (清) Dynasty
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