Clinical Augmented Silver

Clinical Augmented Silver

Clinical Augmented Silver

Brand Natural Clinician
Unit Size 8 fl oz
Dosage Suggested use: Drink 1/4 fluid ounce daily (approximately 7 dropperfuls).

Some purveyors of silver-containing supplements show pretty pictures of colloidal dispersions of silver. These pictures are attractive, but quite meaningless. The effects of silver on the immune cascade of events are quite arguable and there is no real evidence that particle size of silver colloid is critical. The best measure of any silver colloid supplement is its ability to kill microbes, including yeasts, bacteria and viruses.

Individuals who market colloidal silver preparations may be misleading to consumers when it comes to discussions of parts per million of silver in suspension. Nave individuals believe that more parts per million are better. Higher concentrations of colloidal silver, above 45 parts per million, present safety concerns. Silver is a cumulative heavy metal and excessive silver deposition in body tissues must be avoided. Such deposition of silver has uncertain toxicity, including but not limited to possibilities of skin staining. In common with all heavy metals, silver is a tissue fixative and excessive amounts of heavy metals are best avoided. One must not use oral silver colloids in continuous administration in high dosages. To reiterate, the microbial kill of the product seems to be the most prudent way to assess biological activity. When it comes to amounts of silver in colloid supplements, “more is not necessarily better.” The intravenous administration of oral silver colloids is reckless medical malpractice.

In-vitro research combined with clinical observation implies that augmented silver colloid complexes are to be preferred. Laboratory results show that the addition of certain agents to augment the killing actions of silver colloid and do not compromise the biological activity of silver supplements in their ability to kill bacteria in the laboratory.

There have been several regulatory concerns about the use of silver colloid as dieaty supplements. Silver colloid preparation must be used in the short term only because they may cause silver deposition in body tissues, with unknown toxicity. Natural Clinician supports the use of the limited application of silver colloid (homeopathic agents) which they “succus” to constitute homeopathic agents. The use of silver colloids as supplements is a grey area in the regulation of dietary supplement usage. Silver colloids may be useful in hand or skin sanitization.


Supplement Facts
Serving size:   1/4 oz (7 mL)
Servings per container:   32

Elemental silver   290mcg

  • (no established RDI, 45 ppm)

Other ingredients: de-ionized water, peppermint oil, polysorbate 20, augmented with xylitol.

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