ChiChi Chinese Herbal Chocolate Bars

ChiChi Chinese Herbal Chocolate Bars

Based on the Five Elements of Chinese medicine, ChiChi Chocolates are 5 chocolate bars with healing herbs traditionally used for sleep, immunity, energy, stress and longevity.

ChiChi Chocolates connect with the elements of nature; Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood. The elements that form ChiChi are a commitment to organic farming methods, fair trade certification and a dedication to education to promote natural herbal medicine.

We choose the ingredients in our ChiChi Chocolates carefully, considering the sustainability of farming practices, ingredients, and nutritional value.

We source only the highest-quality, fair trade or ethically traded chocolate on the market. We are especially proud to contract with Agostini Family Chocolate, multi-generational chocolatiers, holding the highest standards of trade, ecological care and ingredients.


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