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Bu Xue Tiao Jing Wan (expires 3-31-2021)

Bu Xue Tiao Jing Wan (expires 3-31-2021)

Bu Xue Tiao Jing Wan (expires 3-31-2021)

Brand Herbal Times Teapills
Unit Size 100
Dosage 10 pills, twice daily.
Potency 3:1 / 300mg
Contraindications Prohibited during pregnancy. Discontinue during colds and flu.
Chinese Symptomology Blood vacuity menstrual pain
Western Symptomology Light or delayed menses, prolonged spotting or bleeding, lower abdominal pain preceding menses, postpartum abdominal pain, retention of lochia, infertility due to blood deficiency and stagnation, amenorrhea
Actions Nourishes blood, invigorates Blood, regulates menses
Chinese name Bu Xue Tiao Jing Wan
English name Tonify Blood, Regulate Menses Pill

Use for menstrual disorders due to deficiency of Blood, particularly menstrual cramps or irregular periods, infertility, and following childbirth to replenish Blood as well as discharge lochia and remaining blood in the uterus. (Fratkin, Chinese Herbal Patent Medicines)


Yi Mu Cao (Leonurus): 28.6%; Dang Gui (Angelica): 28.6%; Shu Di Huang (Rehmannia): 28.6%; Chuan Xiong (Ligusticum): 7.1%; Bai Shao Yao (Paeonia): 7.1%

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