Basecamp Tea

Basecamp Tea

Basecamp Tea

Brand Griffo Botanicals
Unit Size 14 bags per tin. Each bag can be used up to 3 times.
Chinese name Yu Ping Feng San
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With a foundation of the traditional blend for building immunity we have added a host of mushrooms and elderberry to enhance these effects and strengthen the lungs. 

Earthy flavors with a hint of dark fruit


TEA  - (each bag can be steeped three times with this method)

    • Pour 8oz boiling water over tea bag
    • Steep 6 minutes or more
    • Enjoy

STRONG TEA - (each bag can be used one time with this method)

    • Place one bag in pot with 12oz water
    • Bring to a boil
    • Simmer until 6oz remain
    • Enjoy


    • Simmer 2-3 bags in 8 cups liquid for 30 minutes or more

Elderberry, Elderflower - stimulates immune system, stengthens lung function
Huang Qi, Bai Zhu, Fang Feng - a traditional blend to build immunity
Fu Ling - strenthens immune system promotes healthy water metabolism
Ling Zhi - Red Reishi stimulates immune system, stengthens lung function
Turkey Tail - a wild-harvested mushroom that promotes immune function

Grace and Ease

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