Bai He Gu Jin Tang Granules, 200g

Bai He Gu Jin Tang Granules, 200g

Bai He Gu Jin Tang Granules, 200g

Brand KPC Granules - Formulas
Unit Size 200g bottle
Dosage 1 tsp (2g)
Potency 5:1
Contraindications Should be used with caution or modified in cases with Spleen deficiency or food stagnation.
Chinese Symptomology Coughing with blood-streaked sputum, sheezing, a dry and sore throat, hot palms and soles, night sweats.
Actions Nourishes the yin, moistens the Lungs, transforms phlegm, and stops coughing.
Pattern Internal dryness of the Lungs due to Lung and Kidney yin deficiency with heat from deficiency.
Tongue Red with little coating
Pulse Thin, rapid
Chinese name Bai He Gu Jin Tang
English name Lily Bulb Decoction to Preserve the Metal

Acts to preserve and stabilize the function of the Lungs, which is associated with the metal phase.


Serving size 1tsp (2g)

Servings per container: 100

Shu di huang (Rehmannia root) 460mg

Sheng di huang (Rehmannia root) 300mg

Mai men dong (Ophiopogon tuber) 240mg

Bai he (Lily bulb) 160mg

Bai shao (White peony root) 160mg

Dang gui (Tangkuei root) 160mg

Zhi bei mu (Fritillaria bulb) 160mg

Gan cao (Licorice root) 160mg

Xuan shen (Scrophularioa root) 100mg

Jie geng (Platycodon root) 100mg



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