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AquaLiv Water Filtration System

AquaLiv Water Filtration System

Naturally Purified
A blend of medias including activated coconut carbon are used in massive quantities to remove contaminants without also removing the beneficial minerals. Say goodbye to harmful reverse osmosis and deionization.

Naturally Alkaline
Skip the side-effects of drinking artificially alkaline water. AquaLiv makes water alkaline with minerals; just like Mother Nature. Not just any minerals, however. We use magnesium, the miracle mineral. How is your alkaline water produced?

Naturally Revitalized
Water cascading down a mountain stream flows in eddies and over rocks, forming natural vortexes. This type of flow causes water molecules to arrange in a particular way that is beneficial to the body. The AquaLiv System applies the power of the vortex to create structured water (EZ Water) and energize it to maturity before you drink it.

Naturally Delicious
AquaLiv Water tastes and feels lighter. And it is absorbed quickly by the body. Drink a whole glass at once. It won't leave you bloated like other waters. You'll feel so good you'll be hooked. AquaLiv drinkers often state the worst thing about vacations is not having AquaLiv Water.

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AquaLiv A305 Water Purification System


Beyond Purified - This System Structures and Energizes Your Water

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AquaLiv Faucet Options


Our selection of quality, stylish faucets look right at home next to your existing kitchen faucet. Experience the convenience and luxury of a premium faucet.

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