Amethyst Herbal Hyaluronic Micro 2 Daily, 100ml

Amethyst Herbal Hyaluronic Micro 2 Daily, 100ml

Amethyst Herbal Hyaluronic Micro 2 Daily, 100ml

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Amethyst Herbal Hyaluronic Micro 2 /Daily is a 1.1% medical grade hyaluronic acid gel cream that contains organic herbs, oils and a special spagyric oil of amethyst. These ingredients stimulate and provide nutrients for collagen induction. It is a great light moisturizer perfect for daily use on the face and anywhere on the body. It contains potent active ingredients for your skin with a high molecular weight hyaluronic gel cream base.

It can be paired with our Herbal Hyaluronic Micro 1 for facial acupuncture protocols (on our wholesale site for practitioners only). Herbal Hyaluronic Micro 1 is for use before and during microneedling or facial acupunture. Amethyst Micro 2 is also for use during microneedling, or to use after microneedling and in general daily use. Amethyst Micro 2 contains everything in Herbal Hyaluronic Micro 1, plus some extra ingredients. Amethyst HH contains: Ji Xue Xao (Gotu Kola), Mu Zei (Horsetail), Wu Wei Zi (Shisandra), Butterfly Pea Flower, Vanilla bean, Spagyric oil of Amethyst and Hemp Seed Oil. Together these ingredients provide a wide array of collagen induction nutrients, aminos, silica, purple polyphenol antioxidants, omegas, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals for skin. It is anti inflammatory, soothing, reduces fine lines, resolves dark spots, speeds up healing, increases elasticity, hydrating, moisturizing and smells like vanilla. All ingredients are organic or tested beyond organic standards for pesticides, heavy metals and contamininants.  

  • For daily use and light moisturizing, use Amethyst Herbal Hyaluronic Micro 2. Apply it after washing, or after spritzing with our Balancing Skin Toner, before any heavy moisturizers or oil based products. Apply our Non Linear Serum after for deeper moisturizing. 
  • Hyaluronic acid gel deeply hydrates the skin and is naturally found in skin, keeping it healthy, youthful and also protecting the lipid barrier. It particularly suits skin with sensitivities, dryness, dull tone, fine lines, deep wrinkles, inflammations, redness, pimples or acne. 


Amethyst Herbal Hyaluronic Micro 2 has a light purple color that wont stain your skin. It contains herbs rich in purple polyphenols because purples are an excellent nutrient and we love the color of amethyst! Spagyric Oil of amethyst is an alchemical extract that yields a skin soothing oil. It is made with real wild harvested amethyst. Even though amethyst crystal does not contain oil, the minerals in the crystal are used to catalyse an oil using natural spagyric alchemical methods. It is a very special extract and a fascinating chemistry. The resulting oil of amethyst also contains the energetic imprint of the crystal amethyst. The spagyric oil of amethyst that we use is made by a colleague and spagyric mentor at Secret Fire Apothecary, with a cluster of Amethyst from Nova Scotia’s Amethyst Cove, in Canada. Another thing we love about this special spagyric crystal oil is that it does not require constant harvesting of crystals and the original crystal can be used to catalyse the oil for many years. 

Facial at home skincare steps. Our full facial acupuncture and micro needling sequence for licensed acupuncturists is on our wholesale site. 

  1. Apply one of our Medi-Pearl treatments, for dry or oily skin. More information on how to do the treatments with gua sha is on the Medi Pearl pages. Remove the treatment.
  2. Spritz and finish cleaning with our Balancing Skin Toner. 
  3. Apply Amethyst Herbal Hyaluronic Micro 2 while the skin is still damp with skin toner. 
  4. Finish with our Non Linear Serum Moisturizer about 5 minutes after, or as soon as you notice your skin has absorbed most of the Amethyst Herbal Hyaluronic.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. For further care we recommend Chinese Medicine practitioners. 

BONUS VIOLET GLASS: This toner is packaged in Violet Science Glass, which is the best packaging we can use for products with medicinal oils or active ingredients. Plastics can leach out toxic chemicals when oils are stored in them, and violet glass is able to preserve ingredients for a long time, better than any other color glass. See our FAQ to learn more about Violet Glass and why it is so amazing.

GIFT: We recommend you keep your violet glass container when your product runs out. Wash it and reuse it in your kitchen. This dark ultra violet glass appears black but is Violet in the sunlight. It will preserve herbs, spices, oils, culinary leftovers, medicinal potions and more. The retail value of the 100ml violet glass bottle alone is currently around $18. This is our gift for you to keep. The medicine just keeps on going!


Distilled imploded water, **Hemp seed oil, **Gotu Kola (centella asiatica), *Wu wei zi (schisandrae fructus), **Horsetail (equisetum arvense), **Butterfly Pea Flower (clitoria ternatea), **Vanilla planifolia bean, Sodium Hyaluronate 1%, Spagyric oil of Amethyst & mineral salts, ^^Emulsifier (polygyceryl-2-stearate & glyceryl stearate & stearyl alcohol), ^^Preservative (propanediol & ethylhexylglycerin & potassium sorbate).

~ 100% Non GMO
**Certified Organic.
*Tested for pesticides, contaminants & heavy metal residues.
^^ ECOCERT & COSMOS approved.

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