Ajwain Seed, 1lb

Ajwain Seed, 1lb

Ajwain Seed, 1lb

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Brand Mountain Rose
Unit Size 1 pound
English name ajowan, bishop's weed, carum
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Ajwain seed is commonly used as a spice in African cuisine, lending a flavor that is savory and somewhat bitter. The seeds add balance to sweet soups and stews, and are said to lessen the gaseous effects of beans. Ajwain goes well with chicken, fish, legumes, and in curries, and may be combined with turmeric, paprika, cumin, fennel and coriander.

Ajwain seeds are associated with Ayurvedic tradition, and are used as a digestive aid as well as for minor stomach complaints.*


Ajwain Seed Whole - Trachyspermum ammi (India)

Certified Organic & Kosher Certified

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