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Ohm - A World in Harmony, CD

Ohm - A World in Harmony, CD

Ohm - A World in Harmony, CD

Brand Ohm Therapeutics Tuning Forks
Unit Size Running time: 59:19

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This recording features the Ohm drone, a continuous tone that is transporting and deeply relaxing. According to de Muynck, a drone holds sacred ground throughout a musical journey.

There is a spiritual purity to Ohm, and the drone presented here is rich with overtones and harmonics that are uplifting – even joyous.

Experience the elliptical and vibrational nature of this unique recording. Sounds from Nature and acoustic instruments blend to create a sustained tone that is both nuanced and mesmerizing. This recording does not contain any synthesized sounds and is in the key of Ohm™.

Recommended for those who meditate and practice yoga, and for use in the healing arts.

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