Zhi Sou San Granules, 100g

Zhi Sou San Granules, 100g

Zhi Sou San Granules, 100g

Brand Min Tong Granules - Formulas
Unit Size 100 grams
Pattern External contraction of wind cold fettering the lungs
Tongue Thin white coating.
Pulse Floating, slightly rapid or slippery.
Chinese name Zhi Sou San
English name Platycodon & Schizonepeta Formula

Stops Cough, expels sputum; dispels external attack of Wind on the Lungs.*


Platycodon Radix (Jie Geng) 16.95%

Schizonepeta Herba (Jing Jie) 16.95%

Aster Radix (Zi Wan) 16.95%

Stemona Radix (Bai Bu) 16.95%

Cynanchum Stauntoni (Bai Qian) 16.95%

Citrus Reticulata (Chen Pi) 8.47%

Glycyrrhiza Radix (Gan Cao) 6.78%

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