Xiang Sha Yang Wei Tang Granules, 100g

Xiang Sha Yang Wei Tang Granules, 100g

Xiang Sha Yang Wei Tang Granules, 100g

Brand Min Tong Granules - Formulas
Unit Size 100 grams
Chinese Symptomology Signs & symptoms of spleen vacuity include: Fatigue, Lack of strength, Postural hypotension, Poor appetite, Lack of taste, Abdominal distention after meals, Loose stools, Nausea, Vomiting, Hiccup, A swollen tongue with teeth-marks on its edges, Chest oppression, Bodily heaviness, Possible edema, Slimy tongue fur, A soggy pulse
Actions Harmonizes the spleen and stomach and eliminates dampness
Pattern Spleen-stomach disharmony with damp accumulation
Chinese name 香砂养胃汤
English name Cyperus & Cluster Combination, Nourish the Stomach Decoction with Aucklandia and Amomum

Harmonizes the spleen and stomach and eliminates dampness*


Atractylodes Rhizoma - White (Bai Zhu) 11.78%

Poria Cocos (Fu Ling) 11.78%

Atractylodes Lancea Rhizoma (Cang Zhu) 7.84%

Magnolia Cortex (Hou Pu) 7.84%

Citrus Reticulata (Chen Pi) 7.84%

Cyperus Rhizoma (Xiang Fu) 7.84%

Cardamomum Fructus - Cluster (Bai Dou Kou) 7.84%

Panax Ginseng - Red (Ren Shen) 7.84%

Aucklandia Radix (Mu Xiang) 5.88%

 Amomum Fructus (Sha Ren) 5.88%

Glycyrrhiza Radix (Gan Cao) 5.88%

Ziziphus Fructus - Red (Hong Zao) 5.88%

Zingiber Officinale Radix (Sheng Jiang) 5.88%

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