Wen Jing Tang Capsules

Wen Jing Tang Capsules

Wen Jing Tang Capsules

Brand TCM Zone Formulas - Capsules
Unit Size 100 vegicaps per bottle, 0.5 grams each
Potency 5:1
Chinese Symptomology Irregular menstruation due to the deficiency-cold in the Chong and Ren channels; accumulation of stagnant blood marked by preceded or delayed menstrual cycle, or overdue, persistent menstrual duration, or excess menstruation in a month; nightfall fever, feverish sensation in the palms, parched lips and dry mouth, pain and cold in the lower abdomen, difficulty in conceiving.
Western Symptomology Dysfunctional uterine bleeding, chronic pelvic inflammation, menstrual cramps, and hysteromyoma marked by the above-mentioned symptoms, cystitis, menopausal symptoms.
Actions Warms the channels, especially the Liver and the Kidney; expels cold; nourishes the blood; expels Blood stagnation; strengthens Kidney function.
Pattern Deficiency-cold in the Chong and Ren channels.
Chinese name Wen Jing Tang Capsules
English name Warm the Menses Formula

Warms the menses, dispels cold, nourishes the blood, and dispels blood stasis.*


Evodia Fruit (Wu zhu yu) 3.21g;

Peony Root (Shao yao) 2.14 g;

Moutan Bark (Mu dan pi) 2.14g;

Ophiopogon Tuber (Mai men dong) 4.29g;

Ginger (Sheng jiang) 2.14g;

Angelica sinensis (Dang gui) 2.14g;

Radix Ligustici (Chuan xiong) 2.14g;

Ginseng (Ren shen) 2.14g;

Cinnamon Bark (Gui zhi) 2.14g;

Pinellia Tuber (Ban xia) 3.21g ;

Asshide glue (E jiao) 2.14g ;

Licorice (Gan cao) 2.14g

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