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Wellness Brochure 50 Count

Wellness Brochure 50 Count

Wellness Brochure 50 Count

Brand Acupuncture Media Works
Unit Size 50 Brochures

The Wellness brochure is the perfect brochure to plant the seeds of long-term wellness care. It effectively illustrates what wellness care is and why a patient should adopt it into their health care protocol.

After an initial series of acupuncture visits, once your patient has progressed from the acute phase of care and beyond corrective care, this is the perfect time to present them with our Wellness Care brochure.

This brochure clearly and easily creates a deep understanding of prolonged health maintenance under your health care guidance, and it will keep your patients coming back to time and time again; in addition, our Wellness Care brochure is an excellent way to generate referral patients!

There is a space on the back flap for you to personalize using a stamp, business card or label.

8 1/2 x 11 full color brochures. Pack of 50.

Ingredients Wellness Brochure 50 Count
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