Brand BioGenesis Nutraceuticals
Unit Size 120 vegetable capsules
Dosage As a dietary supplement, take 1 to 2 capsules before each meal or as directed by your healthcare professional.
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A vegetarian source of enzymes to support digestion of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins. This product also provides brush border enzymes to further promote digestive processes*


- Supports digestion of macronutrients*

- Aids in vitamin and mineral digestion and absorption*


VEGIZYME is a vegetarian formula designed to support both digestion and the balancing of intestinal microflora. Optimal intestinal health and nutrient absorption is essential for overall well-being. VegiZyme is a well-tolerated enzyme formula that offers digestive support for all patients, including those with impaired enzyme secretion, altered intestinal barrier function, and intestinal inflammation.*


DIGESTIVE ENZYMES, including amylase, lipase, and the proteases, are essential to the proper breakdown of dietary macronutrients. When taken with a meal, the enzymes in VegiZyme assist in the proper digestion of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates to support optimal dietary nutrient absorption.*


BRUSH BORDER ENZYMES are located on the membrane microvilli of intestinal epithelial cells. These enzymes are secreted in order to aid the digestive process and include cellulase (fibers), maltase (grains), lactase (milk sugar), and invertase (sugars). Many patients who complain of difficulty digesting raw vegetables and fruits are deficient in the cellulase enzyme. Maltase deficiency can impair complete digestion of grains and may lead to grain intolerance.*


MAKTREK GASTRIC BYPASS TECHNOLOGY is a state-of-the-art system that utilizes an innovative polysaccharide complex derived from seaweed. Enzymes are protein molecules and exposure to the acidic environment of the stomach threatens to denature their polypeptide bonds. MAKTrek gastric bypass technology provides a natural and innovative method for protecting enzymes from the harsh gastric pH. As the VegiZyme veggie capsule begins degradation by the stomach’s acids, water enters the capsule and binds to the MAKTrek polysaccharide mixture, forming an insoluble complex which acts as a secondary protective coating. This coating protects the enzyme material to provide a significant increase in the delivery of intact enzymes to the small intestine for optimum health-supporting benefits.*



Serving Size 2 Capsules                  

Servings Per Container 60  

Amount Per Serving       % DV


Protease              7200 PC               

Protease              1188 TU                ††

Protease II          14400 HUT           ††

Invertase             52 Sumner          ††

Peptidase            28 LAPU               ††

Amylase               13680 SKB            ††

Lactase 1008 ALU             ††

Cellulase              720 CU  ††

Lipase   648 FIP  ††

Maltase                216 DP  ††

Other Ingredients: Rice flour, complex polysaccharides, magnesium stearate, cellulose.

††Daily Value (DV) not established.

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