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Urinary Tract Infections

Urinary Tract Infections

Urinary Tract Infections

Brand SafeCareRX
Unit Size 2 fl oz. spray bottle
Dosage Adult Dose: 3 complete pump sprays. Child's Dose: 2 complete pump sprays. Newborn Dose: 1 complete pump spray.
Properties Taste-Free, Pure Water Base
English name Urinary Tract Infections
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Expected Resupply Date: Unknown

For symptomatic relief of urinary tract infections/irritations: inflammation, burning, straining to urinate, pain in kidney region, low back pain, frequent urination. 

**Helpful for males and females.


Apis mellifica  Argentum nitricum  Berberis vulgaris  Cantharis  Cuprum arsenicosum  Equisetum hymale  Lycopodium clavatum  Mercurius corrosivus  Oxalicum acidum  Plumbum metallicum  Sarsaparilla  Terebinthina.

Each ingredient is in equal volumes of 10X, 30X, 100X, 1M, LM1, LM2, and LM3 potencies. 

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