Tongue Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine

Tongue Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine

Tongue Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine

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English name Tongue Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine
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Tongue Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine

Giovanni Maciocia

Examination of the tongue, like the pulse, is one of the principal diagnostic methods in traditional Chinese medicine. This book--newly revised in 2021 with 100+ new color photos (175 total) --systematically describes each of the primary characteristics of the tongue (body color, shape and coating) and their significance in the clinic. It traces the historical development of tongue diagnosis and its relationship to externally- contracted disorders and the eight principals.

Featured in this revised edition are 59 color plates and accompanying case histories from the author's own practice. Other aspects of tongue diagnosis newly described in this edition include the integration of tongue and pulse diagnosis; the use of the tongue in diagnosing emotional problems; tongue diagnosis and herbal treatment; the tongue in prognosis; and special considerations regarding tongue diagnosis in children.


"A thorough, clinically oriented exposition of tongue diagnosis."
American Journal of Acupuncture

"Will undoubtedly be the standard textbook on tongue diagnosis for many years to come."
The Journal of Chinese Medicine


·  History of Chinese Tongue Diagnosis

·  An Overview of Tongue Examination

·  Tongue Signs: A Picture of the Internal Organs

·  The Eight Principles in Tongue Diagnosis

·  Tongue Spirit & Body Color

·  Tongue Body Shape

·  Tongue Coating

·  Tongue Diagnosis in the Clinic

·  Case Histories

·  Appendices: Identification of Patterns According to the Six Stages, Four Levels and Three Burners
Summary of Tongue Signs ; Tongues Signifying Dangerous Conditions

·  References

·  Glossary

·  Bibliography

·  Index

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