Three Seeds Combination, 300 tablets

Three Seeds Combination, 300 tablets

Three Seeds Combination, 300 tablets

SKU KV122-300
Brand Kan Essentials Veterinarian Formulas
Unit Size 300 tablets, (500mg)
Dosage Varies, depending on the animal's sensitivity to the herbs, condition classification as acute or chronic, and animal compliance with formula administration. Consult a veterinary professional or the Kan Essentials website for final dosage selection.
Contraindications Should not be used during pregnancy. If the animal is reacting adversely to the current dosage, stop administration for 1 or 2 days, then resume at a lower dosage. If no effects (desired or adverse) are observed at this low dosage, increase gradually.
Chinese Symptomology Itch; agitation
Western Symptomology Asthma; constipation; inflammatory bowel disease; allergic dermatitis; hematuria
Actions Clears damp heat, disseminates the qi, and facilitates the qi mechanisms.
Chinese name san ren tang
English name Three Seeds Combination, 300 tablets

Dispels Damp Heat pathogens invasion where there is already internal Dampness present. *



Pinyin Name

Common Name

Xing ren

Apricot seed

Yi yi ren

Job's tears seed

Hua shi


Jiang ban xia

Ginger cured pinellia rhizome

Bai dou kou

Chinese cardamom fruit

Dan zhu ye

Lophatherum leaf & stem

Hou po

Magnolia bark

Xiao tong cao

Japanese helwingia pith

Formula CV

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