The Healing Power of the Mudras: The Yoga of the Hands

The Healing Power of the Mudras:  The Yoga of the Hands

The Healing Power of the Mudras: The Yoga of the Hands

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Properties 2010, paperback, ISBN: 978-1-84819-043-6
English name The Healing Power of the Mudras: The Yoga of the Hands
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The Healing Power of Mudras The Yoga of the Hands Rajendar Menen The use of Mudras, or "yoga of the hands", has been recognised for centuries as a simple yet effective healing tool, known to prevent and cure illnesses and bring about spiritual regeneration. This book examines Mudras, and teaches how regular practice can rejuvenate your body and mind and transform your everyday life. Covering all you need to know about performing Mudras, this insightful and informative book will enable you to gain an understanding of a form of yoga that has already helped thousands of people. Clear illustrations explain exactly how to use Mudras, and chapters explore everything from the use of Mudras in dance and martial arts to diet and the practice of visualisation. Further sections look at how combining Mudras with positive colours and music can improve your wellbeing. They take minutes to perform, and can be done almost anywhere at any time, yet the effects are hugely beneficial. This book is a must for anyone who wants to unlock their spirituality and change their daily lives. Mudras are believed to be the key to spiritual and mental wellbeing, and will radically enhance every aspect of your existence. Contents 1. Preface. 2. Understanding Mudras. 3. Ancient Healing Rediscovered. 4. Some Interesting Facts. 5. Mudras and Dance. 6. Meaning and Purpose of Mudras. 7. The Practice of Visualisation. 8. Practising Mudras. 9. Preferable Accompaniments: Music and Colour. 10. The Meaning of Namaste. 11. Mudras in the Martial Arts. 12. Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Hindu Deities and Mudras. 13. How to do a Mudra. 14. Fingers and Mudras. 15. The Yogic Life as Accessory. 16. The Right Diet Helps. Reviews 'When The Healing Power of Mudras was sent to the Eternal Spirit office, I jumped at the chance of reviewing it... this book brings those mysterious hand gestures to life and may even be of sufficient interest to change yours.' - Eternal Spirit 'This book is an excellent, affordable guide to a little-known practice that can have benefits far beyond its modest appearance.' - ForeWord Reviews Author information Rajendar Menen is an award-winning journalist who has written extensively on a number of complementary therapies. He has launched and edited magazines, co-authored three books on AIDS and prostitution in South Asia and freelanced for the BBC, UNFPA, Irish Education Society, France 2 and a number of other international media organisations.


The Healing Power of the Mudras: The Yoga of the Hands

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