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Unit Size 254mm x 177.8mm / 10in x 7in, 402pp
Properties 2008, paperback, ISBN: 978-1-84819-004-7
English name Taijiquan
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Description Tijqun
Li Deyin
Foreword by Siu-Fong Evans

Tijqun is one of the most popular martial arts in China today. It is practised both as a competitive sport and as an exercise to strengthen the mind and body. Tijqun is an easy-to-use, fully-illustrated guide to the historical background, practical application, underlying principles and techniques of Tijqun.

Written by one of China's most prominent teachers of Tijqun, this book is an excellent introduction to a martial art that improves balance, coordination, flexibility, muscle strength and cardiovascular health. Tijqun describes five forms in which Tijqun is practised today: the 81-Step Tijqun, the Simplified 24-Step Tijqun, the Competition 42-Step Tijqun, the Competition 42-Step Tij Sword, and the 32-Step Tij Sword.

Each form is explained with instructive photographs, a numerical reference system for each exercise, and a DVD is also included, making it an excellent resource for students of martial arts, experienced practitioners or anyone interested in learning about Tijqun.


Foreword. Chapter I: Tajqun in China Today. 1. A Popular Tradition 2. Tajqun Coaching Centers in Beijing 3. Government Support 4. International Host Chapter II: Four Generations of a Tajqun Family. 1. My Grandfather Li Yulin 2. My Uncle Li Tianji 3. My Tajqun Career Chapter III: Essentials of Tajqun. 1. Origins and Development 2. Meaning of the Name 3. Tajqun and the Martial Arts 4. "Treatise on Tajqun" and "Song of the 13 Methods" 5. Health Benefits Chapter IV: Tajqun Training. 1. Key Points 2. Stages of Practice 3. Tips for Beginners Chapter V: 81-Step Yang-Style Tajqun. 1. Introduction 2. Names of the Movements of 81-Step Yang-style Tajqun 3. Movements and Illustrations of Yang-style Tajqun Chapter VI: 24-Step Tajqun. 1. Introduction 2. Names of the Movements of 24-Step Tajqun 3. Movements and Illustrations of 24-Step Tajqun Chapter VII: 42-Step Tajqun. 1. Introduction 2. Technical Elements of 42-Step Tajqun 3. Names of the Movements of 42-Step Tajqun 4. Movements and Illustrations of 42-Step Tajqun Chapter VIII: 42-Step Taj Sword. 1. Introduction 2. Names of the Movements of 42-Step Taj Sword 3. Movements and Illustrations of 42-Step Taj Sword Chapter IX: 32-Step Taj Sword. 1. Introduction 2. Names of the Movements of 32-Step Taj Sword 3. Movements and Illustrations of 32-Step Taj Sword Chapter X: Why Study Tajqun? A Global Perspective. Appendices: I. Note on Language II. Contact Information III. Books in English by Li Deyn's Uncle, Li Tianji


'It is as a reference book which will serve you well for many years that I have given it a five star rating... it is a great book and much more useful than similar books I have seen before in terms of scope and clarity.'

- Tai Chi Finder Limited

'All the students that train with Professor Li Deyin are touched by his brilliant coaching skills and his open friendship.'

- Richard V. Watson, Longfei Tajqun Association of Great Britain

Author information

Professor Li Deyin has achieved an international following rooted in his family's commitment, stretching over 100 years, to popularizing martial arts. He taught at Beijing's Renmin University for 40 years and has been named one of the Top 100 Chinese Martial Arts Masters. He is both a qualified judge of martial arts at the international level and a renowned national-level physical education instructor in China. He currently acts as vice-chairman of the Beijing Wushu Association.
Ingredients Taijiquan
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