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Super-Dry Soother, Large

Super-Dry Soother, Large

Super-Dry Soother, Large

Brand Emily Skin Soothers
Unit Size 7.4 oz
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How Our SUPER-DRY Soother Differs from our Baby and Adult Skin Soother.

Quite simply, it is a different formula with a slightly different focus. Both products were created to soothe dry skin conditions. The SUPER-DRY Soother is meant to be a stronger formula for more severe dryness. We’ve combined different herbs, used organic sunflower oil and the scents of bergamot and lavender to make a lovely smelling and smooth feeling product that anyone can use. We hope you’ll share it with the people you love for things as simple as general moisturizing and as troubling as severe winter dryness on the hands or feet–and everything in between.

Sunflower Oil has been shown in research to create a protective barrier for damaged or vulnerable skin. Here is a link to an article on that research: Sunflower Oil Research Article. The herbs in this formula are herbs traditionally used to promote circulation and accelerate healing. Altogether, our Super-Dry Soother is meant to soothe and beautify any type of dry skin, even when it is Super-Dry.


Organic Sunflower Oil



Red Peony Root

Rhubarb Root


Essential Oils of Lavender and Bergamot

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