Stress Control

Stress Control

Stress Control

Brand SafeCareRX
Unit Size 2 fl oz. spray bottle
Dosage Adult Dose: 3 complete pump sprays. Child's Dose: 2 complete pump sprays. Newborn Dose: 1 complete pump spray.
Properties Taste-Free, Pure Water Base
Western Symptomology nervous tension, minor anxiety, fearfulness, over-sensitivity.

Complementary Formulas: First Aid for Mind & Body Overly-Sensitive Perfectionism Intense Anxiety Candida   Paranoid Aversion to Change Good Mood Enhancer Melancholic Guilt Obsessions/Compulsions Nostalgia Religious Issues Constitutional Enhancer Sleep Aid Adrenal Burnout 

English name Stress Control
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A natural aid for stress-induced states: nervous tension, minor anxiety, fearfulness, over-sensitivity. 

**This formula is especially helpful for individuals who tend to be uptight, nervous, or a Type A personality. For those who desire calmness, confidence, peacefulness. May relieve the aggravating factors behind many conditions.

Possible related physical conditions: Many related conditions, most common may be affections of vision, feet, and/or lower legs.



Aconitum napellus • Apis mellifica • Arnica montana Arsenicum album Belladonna Bellis perennis Bryonia Calendula officinalis Chamomilla Clematis erecta • Clematis vitalba flos Ferrum phosphoricum Histaminum hydrochloricum Hypericum perforatum Ignatia amara • Impatiens glandulifera flos Ornithogalum umbellatum flos Passiflora incarnata Phosphorus Prunus cerasifera flos Rhus toxicodendron Sulphur Symphytum officinale • Veratrum album.

Each ingredient is in equal volumes of 10X, 30X, 100X, LM1, LM2, LM3, and LM5 potencies. 

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Jun 3, 2019
This customer purchased the item at our site.
Excellent! Works well for anxiety. My and I patients miss it. Can't wait for this item to be back in stock.
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