Spanish Steps Of Care Brochure 50 Count

Spanish Steps Of Care Brochure 50 Count

Spanish Steps Of Care Brochure 50 Count

Brand Acupuncture Media Works
Unit Size 50 Brochures

Same great quality and writing translated into Spanish! Tap into a larger market and attract new patients.

Most Spanish speaking patients are not familiar with how long their care will take or even the type of care they may need. This brochure will allow you to create and present a clear outline of treatment and type of care.

Along the top is a colorful "type of care" time line that provides visual insight into their care. This brochure introduces the concept that each visit builds upon previous ones and that more than one visit is necessary for complete care. Each of the green dots is equal to a visit, allowing patients to see that in Relief care, visits are frequent and that as they become well, visits spread out over time.

Whether the care your patient requires is Relief, Corrective or Maintenance and Wellness, our Steps of Care brochure clearly and effectively walks each patient through the care process.

This brochure explains:

  • What type of care plan they are going to receive
  • What to expect during the different phases of care
  • An understanding of the length of time they will be under your care

With a clear expectation and understanding of their care program, your patients will comply with your recommendations and follow through with their entire treatment plan.

Send patients home with a copy after second visit in conjunction with their Report of Findings/Care Plan NCR forms.

There is a space on the back flap for you to personalize using a stamp, business card or label.

8 1/2 x 11 full color brochures. Pack of 50.

Ingredients Spanish Steps Of Care Brochure 50 Count
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