Shu Di Huang Tan (Carbonized)

Shu Di Huang Tan (Carbonized)

Shu Di Huang Tan (Carbonized)

Brand NuHerbs
Unit Size 1 pound
Dosage 9 - 30 grams in decoction - Bensky
Potency 1:1
Taste Sweet - Bensky
Properties Slightly Warm - Bensky
Contraindications This is a very cloying and rich substance that readily leads to stagnation of dampness and impedes digestion. It is contraindicated in those with qi stagnation and profuse phlegm, fullness, and pain in the abdomen, reduced appetite, and diarrhea. - Bensky
Actions Tonifies the blood, enriches the yin, generates essence, augments the marrow - Bensky
Pattern Blood deficiency; Liver and Kidney yin deficiency - Bensky
Channels Entered Heart, Kidney, Liver - Bensky
Recommendations Tan Procedure (From Bensky) - "The sliced herb is baked at a moderate to high temperature in a covered pan until a piece of white paper affixed to the top of the cover turns scorched black. Slices of otherwise unprepared cooked rehmannia can also be directly dry-fried until charred, but not deformed. Not only does charred cooked rehmannia still nourish the blood, its ability to stop bleeding is also enhanced."
Chinese name Shu Di Huang
English name carbonized rehmannia root, prepared Chinese foxglove root
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Tonifies the blood, enriches the yin, generates essence, augments the marrow* - Bensky: Chinese Herbal Medicine Materia Medica, 3rd ed.


Shu Di Huang Tan - Rehmannia glutinosa: Radix Praep (Carbonized)

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