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Sheng Di Huang Granules, Single 2g Packet

Sheng Di Huang Granules, Single 2g Packet

Sheng Di Huang Granules, Single 2g Packet

Brand TCM Zone Single Herb Granule - Single Packet
Unit Size Single 2g Packet
Potency 5:1 extract granules
Taste Sweet, bitter - Bensky
Properties Cold - Bensky
Contraindications Contraindicated where there is significant dampness from Spleen deficiency, or in those with loose stools and abdominal fullness. - Bensky
Chinese Symptomology Very high fever, thirst, scarlet tongue; Hemmorrhage due to heat entering the blood level; Dry mouth, continuous low-grade fever, constipation - Bensky
Actions Enriches the yin, cools the blood, clears heat
Pattern Warm-heat pathogen diseases; Yin deficiency with heat signs - Bensky
Channels Entered Heart, Kidney, Liver - Bensky
Chinese name Sheng Di Huang Granules
English name Dried / Fresh Rehmannia Granules

Excerpted from Bensky:  Chinese Herbal Medicine Materia Medica, 3rd ed.

  • Clears heat and cools the blood:  for all warm-heat pathogen dieseases where heat enters the nutritive level causing very high fever, thirst, and a scarlet tongue.  Also indicated in cases of hemorrhage due to heaqt entering the blood level.*
  • Nourishes the yin and generates fluids:  for yin deficiency with heat signs, as well as injury to the fluids.  Manifestations include dry mouth, continuous low-grade fever, and constipation.  Also for throat pain associated with yin deficiency and wasting and thirsting disorder.*

Sheng Di Huang - Rehmanniae Radix

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