Sang Piao Xiao Granules, 100g

Sang Piao Xiao Granules, 100g

Sang Piao Xiao Granules, 100g

Brand TCM Zone Single Herb Granules - 100g Bottles
Unit Size 100g Bottle
Potency 5:1 extract granules
Contraindications It is not for a person who has excess Fire in the Lower Burner (Kidneys or Bladder infection) that causes him to urinate frequently with a burning sensation and the color of the urine is amber.
Actions Regulates and tonifies the Heart and Kidneys, stabilizes the essence, and stops leakage.
Pattern Kidney and Heart Qi deficiency
Channels Entered Kidney, Heart
Chinese name Sang Piao Xiao
English name Mantis Egg Case

This formula is very effective in treating incontinence and spermatorrhea due to deficiency of the Heart and Kidneys. The source text attributes this disorder to excessive sexual activity, but the formula can also be used in treating similar symptoms from other causes, such as enuresis in children. Disorientation or forgetfulness, a pale tongue with a white coating, and a thin, slow and frail pulse are the controlling symptoms for this diagnosis. When the symptoms improve, this formula should be replaced with one that is more tonifying and regulating. Frequent urination to the point of incontinence and spermatorrhea may represent either a condition of excess (vigorous fire in the lower burner) or deficiency (most commonly Kidney and Heart deficiency, or weakness of the Spleen and Kidney qi). The condition for which this formula is indicated is Kidney and Heart qi deficiency. Sometimes this disorder is referred to as the Bladder losing its restraint (pang guang shi yue), as the Bladder depends on the Kidneys both to transform the qi which gives it power, and to restrain it. The etiology of this disorder is often related to problems in the relationship between the spirit (Heart) and will (Kidneys). When the Kidneys are deficient, they are unable to properly store, and frequent urination and spermatorrhea ensue. The incontinence is characterized by the patient be aware of the urge to urinate, but being unable to suppress it. Gray, cloudy urine is another symptom that is peculiar to this condition. The deficiency of Heart qi causes disorientation and forgetfulness. - Bensky: Chinese Herbal Medicine Formulas and Strategies.*


Sang Piao Xiao - Mantidis Ootheca

Culing Wan

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