Sang Ju Yin

Sang Ju Yin

Sang Ju Yin

Brand Great Nature Classic Tablets by Blue Poppy
Unit Size 90 Tablets
Potency 7:1 / 750 mg
Chinese Symptomology Signs & symptoms of external contraction of wind, heat, and dryness include: * Fever * Slight chills or chills only lasting a very brief period before aversion to heat develops * Headache * Thirst * Cough * Sore throat * A red-tipped tongue with thin, white or thin, yellow fur * A floating, rapid pulse
Western Symptomology External contraction of wind, heat and dryness resulting various acute respiratory tract infections, such as common cold, influenza, tonsillitis, bronchitis, and pneumonia, and conjunctivitis
Actions Dispels wind and clears heat, diffuses the lungs and stops coughing
Pattern External contraction of wind, heat & dryness
Chinese name Sang Ju Yin
English name Mulberry & Chrysanthemum Drink
Description Within this formula, Sang Ye and Ju Hua resolve the exterior and clear heat. Sang Ye, in particular, clears heat from the lungs and stops coughing, while Ju Hua dispels wind heat from the upper burner, including the eyes. Lian Qiao and Bo He assist in resolving the exterior and clearing heat. Jie Geng and Xing Ren diffuse the lungs and stop coughing. Fresh Lu Gen clears heat and engenders fluids. Gan Cao helps clear heat and resolve toxins at the same time as harmonizing all the other ingredients in the formula. This formula comes from Wu Ju-tongs Qing dynasty Wen Bing Tiao Bian (Systematic Differentiation of Warm Diseases) published in 1798.
Ingredients fresh Lu Gen (Rhizoma Phragmitis) 173 mg ~ Sang Ye (Folium Mori) 115.4 mg ~ Lian Qiao (Fructus Forsythiae) 115.4 mg ~ Xing Ren (Semen Armeniacae) 86.6 mg ~ Jie Geng (Radix Platycodi) 86.6 mg ~ Ju Hua (Flos Chrysanthemi) 86.6 mg ~ Herba Menthae Haplocalycis) 43.2 mg ~ Gan Cao (Radix Glycyrrhizae) 43.2 mg ~

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