Salvia/Ligustrum Tablets, 250 tablets

Salvia/Ligustrum Tablets, 250 tablets

Salvia/Ligustrum Tablets, 250 tablets

SKU SF203-250
Brand Seven Forests
Unit Size 250 tablets (hot water extract of the formula is formed)
Western Symptomology Hepatitis B or hepatitis C, Liver fibrosis
Actions Vitalize blood, Nourish yin, Clear heat

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The Salvia/Ligustrum formulation is based on an extensive review of the Chinese literature on hepatitis B treatment, selecting from the most commonly relied upon herbs and focusing on the principles of therapy that most Chinese physicians considered important: vitalizing blood, nourishing yin, and clearing heat (see Eclipta Tablets for another example of this approach, with additional therapeutic measures suited to long-term treatment). Licorice and hu-chang were reported to directly inhibit the viral activity; schizandra and curcuma were reported to lower liver enzyme levels; and salvia reduces liver fibrosis. These herbs are also recommended by Chinese physicians for treating hepatitis C, except in cases of significant damp-heat syndrome (see Bupleurum/Gardenia Tablets for treatment of damp-heat). Salvia/Ligustrum Tablets were used in a clinical trial conducted in China for treatment of hepatitis B. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control provided laboratory reagents for measuring viral parameters and four Chinese hospitals provided in-patient services, including monitoring of symptoms and administration of herb tablets. The dosage given was 9 tablets each time, three times daily, and this was accompanied by a vitamin supplement (see: Quercenol, White Tiger). After 12 weeks, there were notable improvements in symptoms, liver enzymes, and measures of viral activity, though a permanent cure was not observed with this short treatment time. Currently, there is no evidence that hepatitis C can be cured by use of natural therapies, but the disease apparently can be controlled. See also Oxymatrine and Alpha Curcumone (White Tiger).*


Dan Shen (salvia) 21%

Nu Zhen Zi (ligustrum) 16%

Gan Cao (licorice) 16%

Hu Zhang (hu-chang) 16%

Yu Jin (curcuma) 11%

Bai Zhu (atractylodes) 10%

Wu Wei Zi (schizandra) 10%

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