Referral Generator Greeting Card

Referral Generator Greeting Card

Referral Generator Greeting Card

Brand Acupuncture Media Works
Unit Size 50 Cards
Description Word of mouth marketing is one of the best, and most effective ways to grow your practice. Yet, some practitioners find it difficult to ask for referrals.

Now there is an easy way to request referrals without having to actually do so.

The Referral Generator fold-over card is an amazing tool that patients are excited to share with their friends and family.

No words are needed, the Referral Generator card says it all. When your patients express that they are doing well, or that they know someone who wants to come see you, hand them one of these cards. It is a simple, non-invasive approach to get potential new patients through your clinic doors.

On the inside it says:

"Ive been thinking about you. The other day when I was at my acupuncturists office, you came to mind. I thought that you may be able to find relief and benefit with this ancient medicine. Acupuncture provides help for various medical conditions, and supports all aspects of you - physical, mental and emotional.

Acupuncture has been around for over 2,500 years and is a holistic medical modality that has helped millions of people get well and stay healthy.

Here are a few conditions that acupuncture can effectively address: (there is a comprehensive list of conditions that acupuncture has been known to address)

Consider this card an invitation for you to explore the health and healing potential of acupuncture. Just contact my practitioner and tell them youre interested in taking this opportunity to invest in your health. Youll feel fortunate that you did!"

There are also slits on the card for you to insert your business card.

Pack of 50.

6 x 8, HIPPA compliant postcards that can be folded over to 6 x 4 and mailed with a first-class stamp. No envelope is required.
Ingredients Referral Generator Greeting Card - 50 Count
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