Quiet Calm, 4 oz.

Quiet Calm, 4 oz.

Quiet Calm, 4 oz.

SKU GW108-4
Brand Gentle Warriors Pediatric Formulations
Unit Size 4 oz
Dosage (adult) 60-90 drops, 2-4 times per day.
Potency 7:1
Contraindications Monitor closely when combining with OTC or prescription medications including anti-histamines, cough medicines, anti-emetics, opiate analgesics, psychotropics, and anti-seizure drugs.
Chinese Symptomology Mood swings, crying spells, gloominess, agitation, anxiety; Timidity, tantrums, night frights, distractibility, inability to focus, difficult falling or remaining to sleep; headache; Mucus congestion and irritation in the sinuses, throat, or ears; Pain
Actions Quells spasms of body and mind, relaxes the muscles and nerves, clears Heat, dispels Phlegm, focuses the Mind and elevates the Spirit.
Pattern Phlegm;Heat;Disturbed Shen
English name Quiet Calm, 4 oz.
Description Various events may trigger an emotional upset including the irritability that comes from an illness, fatigue, prolonged hunger, a medical procedure, a frightening experience, or common stresses like the end of a birthday party, watching too much television, eating too much sugar, or even a long drive.

Like the digestive and respiratory systems, the mind and nervous system of a young child are delicate and rapidly changing; and many youngsters have not yet learned how to adjust smoothly to the flux that surrounds them and the enormous changes that are occurring internally. Though healthy, robust children appear outwardly tough and resilient, their immaturity and inexperience makes them vulnerable to over-stimulation and information overload. Often, but not always, tantrums, crying spells, nightmares, agitation, irritability, and anxiety are harbingers of natural and expected phenomena of growth: teething, hormonal surges, sudden hungers and food cravings, meeting new people, adapting to playgroups and babysitters, urges toward independence and fears surrounding separation all conspire to upset the apple cart of daily life for the infant, toddler, and older child.

Any interruption of routine, enjoyable or not, expected or not, can undermine a child's equilibrium resulting in mood swings and difficult behavior. It's especially challenging for older, verbal children who are beginning to recognize and delight in their own competence and power to suddenly be unable to accomplish a task, or even to know what it is that will satisfy them - they need help recovering a hedonic sense of calm and ease within themselves.

The additional challenge for young, school age children to sit quietly at their desks, self-consciously focus their attention and not be distracted by nearby activities may result in a pattern of limited concentration and a restless disposition.

Through its action on the nervous system, Quiet Calm can assist children in cultivating their self-regulating capacities. Quiet Calm is safe and sound. It is neither a sedative nor a tranquilizer, but rather a nurturer of the Brain and Marrow and a conciliator of the relationship between the Kidneys, Liver, and Heart.*

Gou teng - Gambir leaf & twig; Suan zao ren - Sour jujube seed; Bao mu fu shen - Poria with wood root; Ye jiao teng - Fo-ti stem; Bai he - Lily bulb; Wu wei zi - Schisandra fruit; Zhi mu - Anemarrhena rhizome; yuan zhi (da) - Polygala root; jiu jie shi chang pu - Altaica rhizome; Bai lian zi - Lotus seed; Tian ma - Gastrodia rhizome; Jiang can - Silk worm; He huan pi - Mimosa tree bark; He huan hua - Mimosa tree flowers; Hu po - Amber resin; Zhi zi - Gardenia fruit; Ju hong pi - Red tangerine peel; Gan cao - Chinese licorice root

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