Questions & Answers Brochure 50 Count

Questions & Answers Brochure 50 Count

Questions & Answers Brochure 50 Count

Brand Acupuncture Media Works
Unit Size 50 Brochures

Your patients have questions about acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Sometimes they are bold enough to ask them, other times they aren't.

When their questions go on unanswered a few things may happen:

  • They may fall out of care
  • They won't refer because their questions have not been answered
  • They may not receive the full benefit from your care

This brochure answers the 22 most commonly asked questions.

Anticipate questions before they arise with this effective and powerful brochure.

Our Question and Answer brochure will help patients convince others to begin acupuncture care because it answers most of their questions.

Use it to:

  • As a handout after initial visit
  • Mail it out with your initial paperwork
  • Place in your wating area
  • Leave a stack of personalized brochures at local establishments
  • Send a few samples to local practitioners, asking for a referral

There is a space on the back flap for you to personalize using a stamp, business card or label.

8 1/2 x 11 full color brochures. Pack of 50.

Ingredients Questions & Answers 50 Count
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