Purge Damp Heat, 1 oz

Purge Damp Heat, 1 oz

Purge Damp Heat, 1 oz

SKU CMS114-1
Brand Chinese Modular Solutions by Kan Herb Company
Unit Size 1 fl oz
Potency 7:1
Properties Occasional dry mouth and/or bitter taste. Occasional hot flashes with heavy perspiration.
Contraindications Use with caution with occasional loose stool, thirst, occasional indigestion, during pregnancy or while nursing. Contraindicated with prostration accompanied by chilliness and weakness. Contraindicated with dehydration.
Actions Clears and dispels Damp Heat downward, supports the functions of the Stomach, Intestines and Urinary Bladder in the Middle and Lower Burners.
English name Purge Damp Heat

The phenomenon of Damp-Heat is a unique theoretical construct as well as a stubborn problem in clinical practice. The pathogenic entities of Dampness and Heat frequently coexist in the patterns of disharmony that underlie acute and chronic illness. However, Damp-Heat is not merely a combination of these two, but the outcome of their metamorphosis into a secondary pathogenic condition - a process analogous to the transformation of the two gases hydrogen and oxygen into the compound water. Damp-Heat is emblematic of the entanglement concept in Chinese medicine, not unlike a similar idea known as Heat-Toxin in which Heat and other noxious substances unite to form a poisonous entity in the Blood. Special tactics are employed, namely medicinal substances with specific Damp-Heat clearing properties that disentangle or separate the Dampness from the Heat. It is like annihilating water by using an electric current to separate the molecules of hydrogen and oxygen from each other. Traditionally, herbs such as andrographis, scullcap root, phellodendron bark, and gardenia fruit are used because of their unique ability to simultaneously cool and dry. They are usually combined with herbs that facilitate downward discharge via the bowels and bladder. Damp-Heat is a crucial element in many acute and serious illnesses such as hepatitis, cholecystitis, pancreatitis, and pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). Febrile jaundice is one of the most clear-cut conditions in which Damp-Heat therapy is appropriate, yet many common ailments like acne, mastitis, cystitis, urethritis, herpes, or vaginitis require this strategy.*

Indications (Symptoms)

  • Helps resolve occasional diarrhea, regurgitation*
  • Supports liver function, reducing occasional nausea, bitter taste, vomiting*
  • Helps relieve digestive discomfort after eating sweet, spicy or oily foods*
  • Soothes occasional burning sores or blisters*
  • Eases occasional burning, dark, scanty, or turbid urine*

Pin Yin Herb

Common Name

Fu ling


Ze xie

Asian water plaintain rhizome

Che qian zi

Plantain seed

Yin chen hao

Capillaris herb

Huang qin

Chinese skullcap root

Huang bai

Phellodendron bark

Zhi zi

Gardenia fruit

Ku shen

Shrubby sophora root

Pu gong ying

Dandelion herb

Gan cao

Chinese licorice root and rhizome

Chao zhi shi

Dry fried bitter orange immature fruit

Lian qiao

Forsythia fruit

Chuan xin lian

Andrographis herb

Wu zhu yu

Evodia fruit

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