ProM-200 TENS

ProM-200 TENS

ProM-200 TENS

Brand ProMed Specialties
Unit Size 95 mm(H) 61.5mm(W) 26m(T)

♦ Dual channel

♦ 3 Modes: Continuous, Modulate and Burst

♦ System Includes:


Lead Wires

4 Self-Adhesive Reuseable Electrodes

9 Volt Battery

Hard Plastic Carrying Case

Instruction Booklet

ProMed Specialties

Technical Specifications

ProM-200 (TENS three mode)

Channels: Dual, isolated between channels

Wave Form: Asymmetrical Bi-phasic square pulse

Pulse Amplitude: Adjustable 0-80mA peak into 500 ohm load each channel, constant current

Pulse Frequency: 2Hz-120Hz adjustable

Pulse Width: 40µs - 260µs adjustable

Function Modes: B: Cycle Bursts, 2Bursts/sec, 9pulses/Burst, 100Hz, width is adjustable

C: Continuous mode. Pulse rate, pulse width and

intensity are adjustable

M: Modulated Width. Pulse width is automatically

varied in an interval of 6 seconds. The modulation

range of pulse width is from setting value to 35%

less than the control setting value, then returns to

the setting value. Rate, width and intensity are

fully adjustable

Maximum charge: 21 micro coulombs per pulse

Power source: 9 volt alkaline battery or similar rechargeable cell

Battery Life: 70 hours average usage (alkaline)

Size: 95 mm(H) 61.5mm(W) 26m(T)

Weight: Approx. 120grams (battery included)

All values have 10% +/- tolerance

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