Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising

Brand Blue Poppy Originals
Unit Size 60 (15:1 extract)
Dosage For severe symptoms, the dose on the bottle may be safely doubled but for long tern use the bottle dosage is more appropriate. Women should be counseled about their diet, over-taxation, to much work and thinking, and inadequate levels of exercise, all of
Potency 10:1 (average) 500mg
Properties Designed to help women with menstrual-related body pain, cramps, or headaches.
Contraindications Damp heat inpediment conditions.
Chinese Symptomology Jing xing shen tong (menstrual movement body pain);Jing xing tou tong (menstrual movement headache);Tong jing (painful menstruation);Bi zheng (impediment condition)
Western Symptomology Dysmenorrhea;Headache;Back pain;Body pain associated with menstruation;Rheumatoid arthritis;Osteoarthritis;Rheumatism;Joint and muscle pain;Menstrual Headache
Actions Fortifies the spleen and supplements the qi, courses the liver and rectifies the qi, quickens the blood and transforms stasis, nourishes the blood and warms yang, stops pain.
Pattern Qi stagnation and blood stasis complicated by spleen qi and kidney yang vacuity as well as insufficient blood;Blood vacuity;Yang vacuity
Chinese name Sheng Yang Ju Jing Tang
English name Phoenix Rising
Description Typically, this formula is indicated for women over 35 years of age. However, it may be used in either men or women if their patterns fit. It may be used for either gynecological or rheumatological pain.
Ingredients Huang Qi; Shu Di Huang; Rou Gui; Bai Shao; Hong Hua; Dang Shen; Chuan Xiong; Du Huo; Qiang Huo; Gao Ben; Fang Feng; Bai Zhu; Dang Gui; Chai Hu; Tao Ren; Gan Cao; Bai Zhi; Fu Zi

Lung Qi Jr

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