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Pacific Biologic

Pacific BioLogic Formulas – We use only 100% natural and unadulterated herbs and never use any fillers or excipients. All of our concentrated herbal formulas come in vegetarian capsules for easier digestion and assimilation. Our orthomolecular products use only the highest quality nutraceuticals available.

Designed by Master Herbalists in accordance with the established principles of Traditional Medicine and backed by generations of experience and research. Pacific BioLogic brain chemistry formulas are based on cutting edge orthomolecular research backed by clinical experience.

Integrity is Our Focus – Since 1980, Pacific BioLogic has built a solid reputation by producing superior quality herbal and nutraceutical formulas for you as a practitioner, and your health conscious patients seeking alternatives to Western pharmaceuticals.

G.I. Gastro-Soothe

SKU: PB102
Unit Size: 90 capsules (650mg)

G.I. Tract:  Gastro-Soothe

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G.I. Tract : Detox It

SKU: PB194
Unit Size: 90 Caps 600mg

Helps relieve symptoms of fungal infections such as Candida or intestinal inflammatory conditions. Take daily when traveling to foreign countries for anti-microbial protection.*

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SKU: PB180
Unit Size: 300 gram jar of powder (30 doses)

Grounded is a gentle brain stabilizer. Grounded offers a unique combination of natural ingredients providing a specialized array of vital brain nutrients.*

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Guide to Pacific Biologic Formulas

SKU: PB900
Unit Size: 49 pages

This guidebook is an excellent source for information and treatment protocols for the Pacific Biologics Line.

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SKU: PB155
Unit Size: 90 Caps

Unblocks the blood vessels and removes blood stasis; Transforms phlegm and promotes urination.*

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