Open Air, 1 oz.

Open Air, 1 oz.

Open Air, 1 oz.

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Brand Gentle Warriors Pediatric Formulations
Unit Size 1
Dosage (adult) 60-90 drops, 2-4 times per day.
Potency 7:1
Contraindications Extreme weakness, lethargy, high fever (102 deg F or greater), dehydration, bronchial infection.
Chinese Symptomology Tightness in the chest, wheezing, shallow breathing, shortness of breath, coughing, phlegm that is difficult to expectorate, dry mouth and throat, distension of the chest and upper abdomen
Western Symptomology Acute asthma
Actions Relieves chest tightness, shortness of breath, wheezing and coughing; dissolves and expels phlegm.
English name Open Air, 1 oz.
Description The incidence of asthma is escalating, reaching epidemic proportions. Asthma is the likely consequence of a vulnerability of the lungs and bronchi to a broad array of physical, chemical, and biological stressors including air pollutants, weather changes, micro-organisms, and allergens such as pollen, mold, animal dander, and ordinary house dust, second-hand cigarette smoke, and chemical off-gassing from building materials, carpeting, insecticides, pesticides, and household cleaning agents. The physical environment for babies and young children has become a veritable toxic soup that poses an unprecedented challenge to the physiological competence of the organism during the early years of development. Once asthma manifests as a response to illness, allergy, or chemical insult, it is a difficult pattern to reverse. Children easily and quickly become dependent upon powerful broncho-dilators, steroid sprays, and antihistamines in order to maintain adequate function. Unfortunately, these medications do not confer greater resistance to infection or pollution, and, over time, they begin to weaken the body, resulting in an overall depletion of Qi and Essence.

In the view of Chinese medicine, asthma (qi chuan) signifies restricted or difficult breathing characterized by panting or dyspnea, generally differentiated into two patterns: the excess type due to a congestion of Qi in the Lung; and the deficiency type due to a depletion of Qi in the Kidneys and Spleen. However, an acute asthmatic episode is almost always a manifestation of congested Qi that has been trapped in the chest and is unable to descend. What causes the Qi to become stuck may be excessive mucus, dryness, cold or hot air, wind, physical strain and fatigue, emotional upset, or exposure to toxins. Regardless of the triggers, an asthmatic attack should be ameliorated as soon as possible in order to prevent further insult to the respiratory organs and to the Qi.

Open Air is a variation of the famous Perilla Seed Decoction (Su Zi Jiang Qi Tang) that employs perilla (zi su zi) as the leading ingredient for dispersing and descending congested Lung Qi. Unlike ephedra (ma huang) the foremost anti-asthma herb in the Chinese materia medica, perilla will not cause undue strain on the heart or nervous system and is, therefore, a safer medicinal agent. Perilla is joined by herbs that ventilate the Lung and descend the Qi, expel Phlegm, replenish Moisture, and support the Spleen and Kidneys.
Ingredients Perilla seed (zi su zi); schisandra fruit (wu wei zi); platycodon root (jie geng); apricot seed (xing ren - bei); lepidium seed (ting li zi); anemarrhena rhizome (zhi mu); purple aster root, honey fried (zhi zi wan); stemona root, honey fried (zhi bai bu); white mulberry bark (sang bai pi); tangerine dried rind of mature fruit (chen pi); Chinese amomum fruit (sha ren); Chinese licorice root (gan cao)


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