Nature's Lining

Nature's Lining

Nature's Lining

Brand Lane Labs
Unit Size 60 chewable tablets
Dosage Chew 1 Tablet twice daily (morning or evening) for eight weeks. Thereafter, chew 1 tablet for occasional discomfort.
Properties Helps strengthen the Stomach's Lining
Chinese Symptomology Gas; Bloating; Indigestion
Western Symptomology Heartburn; Gastric reflux
English name Nature's Lining
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Naturally Strengthens the Stomach Wall*

Nature’s Lining is a pleasant-tasting, chew tablet which eases occasional heartburn. It works by helping to strengthen the mucus lining in the stomach, protecting it from gastric acid. While gastric acid is crucial for food digestion, even a misuscule amount  of it in direct contact with the stomach wall can cause discomfort. Nature’s Lining has the unique ability to travel through the digestive tract, “seek out” and attach itself to thining areas in the stomach lining. Once attached, it actually strengthens the stomach’s protective mucus lining, so as to reduce possible acid contact.*

  • For occasional stomach aches, heartburn, bloating, gas, even bad breath*
  • May lessen your need for antacids* (details)
  • Safe and effective* (details)
  • Works in just 8 weeks. (details)

“As long as the stomach lining is strong, hydrochloric acid cannot get to the stomach wall. When the mucous lining is weak, that is when we experience discomfort. The Zinc L-Carnosine in Nature’s Lining…grabs onto the areas of the stomach where the mucous lining is light and encourages the development of mucous, which then acts as a buffer against the acid.”*
Dr. Georges Halpren MD, PhD

Are Antacids Healthy?

Are you one of the 54 million people who experience stomach aches, bloating, gas and/or bad breath from digestive problems a couple of times a week? Your stomach is supposed to contain acid to digest food. It just isn't supposed to hurt.

At first antacids may seem like a great idea: the acid is burning the stomach so you feel you should suppress acid production. But in reality antacids may not be the long-term answer. They are specifically designed to stop the production of hydrochloric acid or gastric juice. But gastric juice is needed; it plays a major role in digestion, breaking down the nutrients and keeping the stomach sterile. Suppressing stomach acid with antacids interferes with the normal function of the stomach. That is one reason why some experts do not recommend prolonged use of antacids. Nature's Lining is not a drug nor does it interfere with the digestive acid you need to process your food. Instead, it helps strengthen the mucus layer protecting the stomach wall from that acid.*

The Zinc carnosine in Nature’s Lining is a unique, patented chelate of zinc bound with the two amino acids: beta-alanine and l-histidine. Clinical research suggests that Nature’s Lining strengthens the stomach wall in as little as eight weeks. Other users have reported benefits in much less time.

What Doctors Say About Nature’s Lining

Dr. Jonathan Goodman

Nature‘s Lining is a proven effective way of strengthening the stomach wall. It‘s a real breakthrough. With Nature‘s Lining the job gets done properly. You‘ll be able to take it... and experience the benefits of it potentially for the rest of your life.*

Dr. Bernd Wollschlaeger, Pain specialist

The stomach lining is the protective barrier within the stomach. In medical terminology, we call it a mucous membrane. If you didn‘t have mucous in the stomach, the whole stomach would be exposed to its own acid. Mucous is a naturally produced protective barrier. The moment it breaks down, then irritation can occur.

Zinc L-Carnosine (in Nature‘s Lining) is a new modality to manage irritated stomachs.*

Zvi Hershman, M.D.

A lot of the patients have had less complaints of stomach upset, gas, and in general irritation.*


Supplement Facts
1 tablet contains:

  • Zinc (as zinc-L-carnosine) 8mg (53%)
  • L-Carnosine (as zinc-L-carnosine) 29mg

Other Ingredients: dextrose, cellulose, magnesium vegetable stearate, natural mint flavor.
Contains NO: dairy, gluten, sugar.

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