Min Tong Granules - Formulas

Min Tong Granules - Formulas

Taiwanese Style Granules - 5:1 Potency - 100g per Jar

As your busy daily practice goes on, we hope you can always get the best herbal pharmacy supply and shelf display. Min Tong & Bio Essence Herbal Lines can assure you to have the best quality and pricing available in the market based on the following reasons:

  • Min Tong Powder extracts  of Single herbs and Formulas have strict quality and safety tests before purchasing the raw herbs and after finishing the production process.
  • All existing Formulas are made by cooking all the ingredient herbs together to have better concentration and synergistic effects. There may exist that other companies use single herbs to mix into certain formulas that are not popular in USA facility and not revealing the fact that these mixed formulas can have less concentration ratio and efficacy due to different lots used from various single herbal ingredients.  
  • Most of the Min Tong Single Herb Colorful Display has listed the Meridian entered and property of that herb usage besides their botanical and Pin Yin Names. The picture of that herb at front remind you the real herb looks like and thus enhancing the beauty for your clinical settings. 
  • Even the prices of our imports keep getting higher due to large demands of raw herb supply and higher examination and operation cost, we have maintained our prices lower than other similar competitors from Taiwan.
  • Taiwan Herbal extracts are better produced using low heat drying methods developed by Japan technology using slow drying the concentrated liquids into granule powder at lower temperature and longer time to avoid denature of the important components inside. Most herbal extracts from China use instant drying method to spray the extracted liquid into very hot air and dried into powder and then diluted them with dextrin powder into designated concentration ratio. Due to high temperature used, some sensitive active components can be destroyed. The color tends to be darker for those high sugar content herbs due to overheating. And the powder tends to get sticky once opened for a while. Taiwan Min Tong and Chaun Song Rong brands(we use their products when Min Tong did not make them) herbal Granules  are in small granules for easy mixing and dispensing. Using pure starch as absorbent can avoid sticking if tightly capped and have lower glycemic index than Dextrin.

Taiwanese Style Granule Spoon

SKU: MT1000
Unit Size: 1 spoon

Reccomended for use with Min Tong, KPC and Bioessence brand granules

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