Mastering Tung Acupuncture By (author) Brad Whisnant By (author) Deborah Bleeker

Mastering Tung Acupuncture By (author)  Brad Whisnant By (author)  Deborah Bleeker

Mastering Tung Acupuncture By (author) Brad Whisnant By (author) Deborah Bleeker


Published 2015

Trade paperback book

204 pages, 8.50 x 11.00"

ISBN 9781940146126

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The Master Tung method -- known also as "I-Ching Acupuncture," "Balance Method," or "Distal Point Acupuncture" is over 2,500 years old and derives from the I-Ching, one of the oldest books in the world. The subtitle of this book, "Distal Imaging for Fast Pain Relief," refers to the concepts of images, mirrors, and relationships that Dr. Wei Chieh Young and Dr. Richard Tan use in their training. As the authors note, this is also why the human body can be treated in so many places, and why distal acupuncture works. One can find images and mirrors all over, and the whole human body is also represented on the sole of foot, the hand, the ear, the head, any bone, any finger, and any toe. The body representations are endless. Based on their personal clinical experience the authors explain concepts and theories (including the Transport Points) so that practitioners can understand the reasons why the Tung points work. There are point images included for each section, which greatly simplify the clinical process. However, as the authors point out, "The mapping, image, and mirror is not a theoretical concept. It is based on the anatomy and the brain. It is reliable, predictable, and consistent. Understanding this aspect takes the magic out, but it makes it much more real for our patients and us. It is also much simpler to explain that it is a "brain" thing and not a "magic" thing." This book will definitely help practitioners add Tung points and treatments to their current TCM treatments.

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