Loosen Solution (Tension Solution), 60 tabs

Loosen Solution (Tension Solution), 60 tabs

Loosen Solution (Tension Solution), 60 tabs

SKU SS118-60
Brand Sage Solutions by Kan Herb Company
Unit Size 60 tabs
Dosage 1 to 2 tablets, 2-3 times daily
Chinese Symptomology Occasional anxiety, nervousness, frustration, irritability; Occasional restlessness, insomnia; Occasional tight muscles, muscle strain, cramps, spasms; Occasional dizziness
Western Symptomology Hypertension
Actions Clears the senses, calms the mind, and soothes the nerves
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By clearing Heat, expelling Wind, regulating Qi, tonifying Blood and Moisture, and adjusting the functions of the Liver and Heart, these herbs clear the senses, calm the Mind, soothe the nerves, and relax the muscles.*



Pinyin Name

Common Name

Chao suan zao ren

Dry fried sour jujube seed

Duan ci shi


Zi shi ying


Long gu

Dragon bone

Fu shen mu

Poria with wood root

Fu ling


Wu wei zi

Schisandra fruit

Zhi mu

Anemarrhena rhizome

Mai men dong

Ophiopogon tuber

Gou teng

Gambir stem branch and twig

Yuan zhi

Polygala root

Jiu jie chang pu

Altaica rhizome

Chuan xiong

Sichuan lovage rhizome

Hu po

Amber resin

Zhi zi

Gardenia fruit

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